Minibus Insurance - What Are The Options And Alternatives?

Minibus Insurance – What Are The Options And Alternatives?


The number of minibuses being procured for commercial purposes has increased over the years and this has forced many governments all over the world to pass stringent laws regarding minibus insurance. Most governments describe minibus as any vehicle that has capacity to carry nine to sixteen passengers. If the capacity of the vehicle exceeds these numbers, then the owner needs to go for a different type of insurance policy.The minibus insurance policy primarily has three classifications which include comprehensive policy that is an all-inclusive policy. This covers almost every risk and this includes loss by fire, vandalism, damage by accidents, theft and third party liability as well. This is probably the most popular policy available on the market.The other type of insurance is restricted to third party liability cover. This type of minibus insurance is best suited for those who already own a vehicle and are considering using the minibus for commercial purposes. It is the minimal requirement in case the minibus is to be used for commercial purposes. The third type include auto insurance policy that covers such risks as accidents, theft and fire.Most companies have come up with tailor made coverage solutions that are based on the current use of the minibus. The first type is the multipurpose policy that covers cargo damage, theft or loss and passenger injury and is the most preferred cover. The second type is the taxi or shuttle operation policy that offers coverage only for passenger injuries or death and is cheaper than multipurpose coverage.The other kinds of policies are based on the number of vehicles that the individual or the company owns. If the company or individual own more than two minibuses the best is to go for fleet insurance coverage. This type provides complete coverage for all vehicles owned by a sole proprietor with a single cover. This will basically cover the liability of the vehicle itself, the passengers, the driver and any other unfortunate circumstance that may happen as far as the cover is valid. This is a cheaper option as compared to taking a sole coverage for each vehicle.It is very essential for those who own minibuses to understand the basis and classifications of that minibuses fall into. These policies are readily available online on real time basis. In fact, a good company will help you determine the best coverage for your vehicle and business as well.

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