Renters Insurance - A Wise Decision For Apartment Living

Renters Insurance – A Wise Decision For Apartment Living

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Renters Insurance is a wise decision for apartment living. There are a variety of renter’s problems that can happen. You will be very glad that you have an apartment insurance policy if you suffer a covered loss. As an apartment insurance Houston agent I have seen many types of claims. Here are some scenarios where you could benefit from this type if insurance:
You return from a weekend trip, or a day’s work, to find that burglars have broken in. All your valuables are gone. And the apartment manager wants you to pay for damage the burglars caused.
A visitor slips on your wet floor and cracks their head. Now you are being sued for their injuries.
A hurricane or windstorm damages your roof or windows. Water has caused thousands of dollars in damage to your property.
Your satellite dish blew off the roof and damaged the neighbor’s car. Now they are suing you for damages.
A fire destroys all your contents.
Your puppy bites a neighbor. You are being sued for their injuries.
There is a fire at unit 3 doors down. Luckily your apartment is not damaged. However your clothes and furniture have a horrible smoke odor and must be professionally cleaned or repaired.
A windstorm damages your unit. You need to pay for a hotel/motel at stay at for several weeks while the repairs are made. (You need loss of use coverage)
Your bathtub or toilet overflows. Now the apartment is suing you for damages. And the neighbor’s property is damaged and they are also suing you.
A visitors child playing at your residence and gets hurt. It is not your fault but you would like for your insurance to cover the emergency first aid cost.These are just some of the situations where a good renter’s insurance policy could be a lifesaver. Coverage is inexpensive in most areas so it really is a no brainer. To give you an idea, in the Houston Texas area a policy with $10,000 personal property coverage and 100K for liability coverage could cost around $12 per month. In non costal areas the premium could even be less.If you do get this type of policy be sure to ask your agent about coverage, limitations, exclusions, and upgrade possibilities. No policy covers anything that could possibly happen. This article is intended to show the need for insurance, not to describe the exact coverage that would apply to every policy.

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