Long Term Care Insurance - See If You Really Need It

Long Term Care Insurance – See If You Really Need It

Long Term Care

There’s so much noise about long term care insurance. But, do you really need it? This article will show you those who need it and those who really don’t. You’ll do well to find out where you belong.The following persons do NOT need long term care insurance…1) Those who can easily spend close to $100,000 for a year’s stay in a nursing home without destabilizing their finances.2) Those who wouldn’t mind getting Medicaid after all their assets are gone (along with much of their dignity)3) Those who can bet all they have that they’ll never need custodial care – Ever!4) Those who wouldn’t mind being told where they’ll have to spend the rest of their life. Those who wouldn’t mind being forced to stay in places that they’d not wish even their enemies.If you do not belong to any of the groups above, then you’ll do well to get a long term care insurance policy. I know money is an issue. So, here’s how you can save a bundle on/for your long term care insurance…Get as many quotes as possible for long term care insurance. Also get as many quotes as possible for your existing policies (auto, home, etc). Take your time to compare all the quotes returned for each policy. To get the best results make sure you visit at least five different insurance quotes sites. You could save over $2000 on all your policies. Start now! NO, don’t defer it till later. Each site will only take you just 3-5 minutes.

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