Health Claims Processing

Health Claims Processing

Medical Billing

How efficient are you in your claims processing. How many providers are in your office? How many billing clerks do you have?In our office we know that one medical billing clerk can easily handle the paper work of up to ten providers. If you have three billing clerks, do you have thirty providers? If your ratio is not as good, likely as not you are buried in bureaucracy. I go into office after office and see it. The management (physicians) is led to believe the work just cannot be done with any less employees. The truth is a completely different story. The more employees the less efficient the office will be.The adage that if you have one person in an office you have one interruption an hour and if you have two people in an office you have four interruptions an hour and three you have nine interruptions really holds true in the medical profession. You have to wonder what work is keeping them so busy. I see billing clerks with their desks piled high and it stays that way; day after day, week after week.We set them up to scan documents to us. Everything is automatic. They simply load fifteen or twenty sheets into the document feeder, push the little green button and the machine does all the rest yet they do not seem to even have time to do that. When questioned, there is a litany of excuses as to why, but none seem to be related to assigned tasks.In so many cases it is the socialization that stands in the way. Do yourself a favor, exam your staff and cut out the dead weight. If you have someone who is really busy, they can get the work done but if you have someone who does not stay busy, they are never able to even keep up.

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