Reducing Your Pet Insurance Premium

Reducing Your Pet Insurance Premium


Our pets are members of our families, and valued members at that. Like people our pets can get sick as well.If your pet in unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident or develops a serious illness the medical care required can cost a fortune,if you have not planned for this it can mean a big financial commitment. Of course the money isn’t the issue but if you have adequate pet insurance it’s all covered for a small monthly payment.Your pet can bring a smile to your face when no one else can,they are always there,and you are always there for them.OK so you’ve decided you want to take out pet insurance,how do you go about it.Firstly visit a site which has some pet insurers on it and get some quotes.When getting quotes if your pet is healthy you may wish to increase your excess slightly to lower the actual cost of the premium, don’t dramatically increase it but by a moderate amount you feel is justified. As your pet becomes older lower the amount each year as, like people, when pets get older they will become more prone to illness. Get a few quotes specifying the same cover ,what additional benefits does each package offer for the same money.If the cover is similar it will come down to price. Using a bigger name insurer will give some peace of mind but that’s a personal preference.By regular walking,healthy diet your pet will be getting the everything their need to maintain their health. We all treat our pets to “extras” that’s OK as long as the extras are not too often.By checking over your pet regularly you’ll spot lumps or unusual conditions far quicker and like people most illnesses can be fully treated if spotted early.You will find some pet insurers here you’ll also see some amusing pet pics (fancy dress) and a dog that can count!I honestly hope you never need to use it but if you do it is reassuring to know that your pet will get the care they need and deserve and you will have the peace of mind knowing you are in control of the situation due to your forward planning.Look out for my pet health guide coming soon.

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